Windows Admin Scripts

Welcome to my scripting page. Here is a collection of scripts I've put together over the years to make my job easier and amaze people. Warning: these scripts are not always formed properly and should not be considered for a tutorial - I skip over stuff like "Dim" and "Option Explicit" when I can get away with it and error-checking is definitely lacking in places. If you find something that is done the "right way", I probably borrowed it from someone else and I'll give credit if I can remember who. I rarely write a script from scratch but usually take snippets from here and there and modify an existing script.  Remember to copy and paste with care because vbscript doesn't play well with misplaced CRs and LFs. 

But the important thing:  these work for me, save me lots of time, and nothing has caught on fire... yet.

I want to give credit up front to: - Excellent! He explains things clearly and he does syntax right. I even borrowed his disclaimer (see below) - Him too! You can learn alot from these two.

I'm certain that a great deal of their code lives on here.

If you want to learn scripting try the sites above.

If you want a quick and dirty script to get something done right now, look here. The text in green are comments, in red needs to be changed.

HTA: (these should work on your active directory domain without editing. Just unzip and run)
          (btw, you will need to be a domain admin or account operator to change passwords, but anyone should be able to run reports)

Commandline / Batch Files:


Unless stated otherwise, these pages, the scripts presented and their sources are copyrighted freeware.
You may modify them, as long as a reference to the original code is included in the modified code.

Use these scripts entirely at your own risk.
Many of the techniques used in these scripts, including but not limited to modifying the registry or system fiiles and settings, impose a risk of rendering the OS inoperable and losing data.
Unless you don't mind reinstalling the OS and losing data, make sure you have a tested full backup and the associated restore software available before running any of these scripts.
The author cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct nor consequential, caused by the use of, or inability to use the techniques or programs presented here, nor the programs' sources or part of the sources.

Use of any of the techniques, programs or sources presented here implies agreement with these terms.

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